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FROM John McConnell

Help make the Sept. 11 World Trade Center tragedy a turn toward healing for the whole planet!

We can make the end of the World Trade Center a new beginning in the whole human adventure.

Pearl Harbor Day (December 7) reminds us of the terrible pain and suffering  that occurred when modern weapons were used to settle differences between powerful nations.

Today we know that killing is not stopped by killing. "Hatred does not cease by hatred. Hatred ceases only by love."  Gandhi, and others, have demonstrated effective non-violent methods of opposing what was wrong.  

Martin Luther King described the power of love in his book "Strength To Love" -- and gave his life to prove it.  Now, strength to "kill" is being advocated as a necessity.   Hundreds of billions are being spent on armaments.  If half as much money were spent on  education to eliminate the causes of war,  there would be no more wars. 

Let's reverse Pearl Harbor.

December not only marks Peal Harbor Day, it is also the month we celebrate Christmas. With our entrance into the new millennium, Christmas is of increasing importance, with its message of "Peace and Good Will."

There was a global Minute for Peace Day on December, 22, 1963. That was when we ended the period of mourning for President Kennedy with a global minute of silent prayer for peace on our planet.  Announced by major newspapers and then broadcast on radio throughout the world, that special minute (1 p.m. in Dallas, 1900 GMT) affected people globally and resulted in many cases of peaceful resolution of conflict.  It inspired efforts that later resulted in Earth Day with its emphasis on peace, justice and the care of Earth.

The 1963 Minute for Peace used a recording of President Kennedy taken from a former speech he had given at the United Nations.  It included his powerful words:

"Never have the nations of the world had so much to gain, or so much to lose.  Together we shall save our planet, or perish in its flames.  Save it we can, and save it we will."

Let's turn the tables on Pearl Harbor by joining worldwide in a Minute for Peace -- at 1900 GMT, December 22 -- just three days before Christmas with its theme of Peace and Good Will.  Christmas time can then be a turning toward peace, with our neighbor and our world.  

On Saturday, December 22 talk to friends and neighbors with positive faith in our words and deeds -- as we seek in our email to circle the globe with attitudes and actions that will encourage peaceful understanding and vital decisions to foster peaceful progress in the human adventure.

A call by Pope John Paul II and heads of government could persuade TV networks and others to promote the December 22 Minute for Peace and obtain global participation.  Minute for Peace Day can then be a prelude and launch pad for the Great Day of Earth -- the March 20, 2002  Earth Day.

Earth Trustees

A new idea that came from Minute for Peace and Earth Day, was the idea that we can now all think of ourselves as Trustees of Earth. In this age of Space exploration we know -- more than former generations -- that we are one human family and have only one Earth.  With care and use of new technology we can now eliminate poverty, pollution and violence. All we need is a clear vision of our goal and reports on Internet of every successful effort to think and act as Trustees of Earth -- in ecology, economics and ethics. This course of action can appeal to the most people on our planet and do the most good.

Then a new spirit of cooperation will engulf the world. With the money we formerly spent on wars we can make our planet a Garden of Eden.  We will ask all governments to reduce armaments 10 % each year.  This money will be spent on Peace Education -- the proven methods of peaceful resolution of conflict and elimination of its causes.

As we honestly work together we will see all around us the waste of wealth and its unfair monopolization by those in power. The solution is not to condemn those in positions of power,  but to demonstrate solutions and win their support -- not by the power of money or military might -- but by the power of truth, of good ideas and good will.   

Then with the power of the words "Love one another" we will reverse Pearl Harbor and welcome the beginning of an era of peaceful progress in the new millennium.

We ask the Pope, the leaders of all countries, corporations, and religions to back this initiative with their words and actions.

The role of press and all public media is essential.  They must report Earth Trustee actions and their results.  We will then rapidly see more good news than bad news in the media.  They will feature the Earth Trustee efforts of individuals, churches, service club, and businesses.

The daily Minute for Peace on radio and TV programs will foster peaceful thoughts and actions with appropriate music and images.

"The Power of Earth Care Thinking and Doing."

All that is needed to provide a healthy, prosperous future for our planet and its people is for all to act as Trustees of Earth-- to do those things that will nurture and improve Earth's amazing web of life, seeking fair benefits for each person who works for this goal.

After such a sweeping generalization, is their any practical way to bring this about?

Following is a simple formula which anyone can use.  One person's action will seem to accomplish little -- other than a good feeling they are doing their part.  But confident, enthusiastic efforts can bring a contagious spread of Earth Trustees and actions that will cover the Earth and rejuvenate our planet.


1.  An inner commitment -- through prayer, meditation or reflection -- to be a Trustee of Planet Earth, seeking each day to combine love of God, Love of Neighbor and love or Earth; joining each year on Earth Day, March 20-21, in global dedication to this task.

2.  Protect and nurture Earth's life and natural resources by Earth Care choices in buying, selling and giving, choices that diminish pollution and increase Earth's natural equilibrium and bounty.

3.  Support efforts to provide the disinherited poor a stake in their planet -- a secure homestead in city or country.  Seek stable money and fair credit for everyone.

4.  Join some group with a project for the care of Earth that meets some part of the above criteria.  Be a connecting link between two or more groups pursuing these purposes.

5.  Tell your friends what you are doing and invite them to do the same.

Most people know we have a global crisis and want to do the right thing - something that will help.

Here is the way.

Together we can turn the World Trade Center tragedy into a new beginning in the human adventure and assure a peaceful prosperous future for the whole human family.

John McConnell
1933 Woodbine St.
Ridgewood, NY 11385
Ph: 718/366-6963

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