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True Christian living requires us to live according to Kingdom standards which bring Heaven to earth.

FROM Amber Landall

God watched with an intense gaze. Compassion filled His eyes for those He loved. He tenderly held the globe in His hands. He carefully picked someone up as they fell. Tears filled His eyes as He watched others who were hurting. No matter how many times those He loved turned away from Him, He still had compassion and unfailing mercy for them. He had created each one with His own hands. He had carefully and thoughtfully made them who they were. With such care He created then, not only them, but creatures also.

In His image He created humans; and in their care He placed the creatures He'd made.

So why is it that with all this compassion bestowed upon us, we don't display it ourselves? Why is it that we abuse our responsibility?

In our care God placed the animals, yet we kill and eat them. We are the caretakers of His creatures, yet, we kill them for sport. He asked us to watch over them, yet, we sell their fur to feed our banks, their tusks to make us rich, and their teeth for our ornamentation.

Why is it that when we're showed compassion, we don't show it to others? That when another is hurting, we assume they'll get over it. God shows us mercy, yet we will not forgive our fellow men.

That leaves the question. How many times does God grant us mercy? So how many times should we show mercy to others? We can't ask for mercy if we don't show mercy.

The human race seems two-faced. We talk about love and mercy and peace in the world, yet we are doing the opposite by killing a precious, innocent animal's life, whether it's for food, clothes, jewellery, or sport. They were lovingly and carefully created yet, without even a blink, we shoot them down.

How can we be so loving, playing with our children in the sand-pit, tucking them in bed, and then the next day go hunting with our mates, shooting an innocent rabbit for fun as our entertainment. It doesn't make sense. Surely we can't have love for one and not for the other.

Would we have another human being's teeth hanging round our neck, leg on our plate, or anything from them inside in our cosmetics? I can see you squirming. I can see you screwing up your face. It sounds a little grotesque, but it is effectively what we are doing with creatures. Why is it any different with an animal than a human? Or is it?

God shows us compassion, so why not show it ourselves? God shows us mercy, so why not show it ourselves? Why are we so hard as evidenced in our behaviour and attitude towards creatures?

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