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Mark Edgemon has been writing for 30 years. He writes and publishes short stories, articles, poetry and scripts, as well as, produces audio comedy productions for over 700 radio stations nationwide.

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It is with great ease that a person can be assimilated into the brain dead masses of mediocrity. Average individuals today are reactive rather than proactive, meaning they react to things around them, instead of creating and initiating actions that showcases the excellence of their lives to the betterment of others and society as a whole.

We are living in a time where the media’s pundits are mercenaries (paid verbal guns), hired by the corporate owned media to tear down and demean the achievements of others (people who do things instead of just talk) for the purpose of increased ratings and for the amusement of the world’s spectating audience. Not much different than watching wild animals tearing people apart limb from limb during the days of the ancient Roman coliseums, a direction this world is rapidly heading toward revisiting.

Being average without ambition is the ultimate way to play it safe and blend in to one’s environment. But there are no safe havens from the poisonous tongues of society’s verbal assassins.

Managers today often discipline employees in subtle ways when they excel in the workplace, while elevating the average mediocre worker, who is pleased to attain a higher position by dumbing down their performance, rather than increasing their personal self worth. The reason for this unspoken conspiracy is simple; when a person excels, the other employees and manager look bad by comparison, seeing they are not willing to reach for success themselves and only desire to get by from paycheck to paycheck.

I refer to the multitude of these workless drones as luggers. The term represents the way they seem to lug their bodies around, as if its some cumbersome ball and chain, acting as if their employers should feel lucky that they even showed up to work at all. This tiresome employee does their job with one eye on the time clock and the other eye on their watch.

Most people would rather exist in the non-challenging darkness, rather than bathe in the light of their own creative achievements.

Most people in society will likely define success as the quickest route with the least effort. They have deliberately decided to submerge themselves in an environment filled with sewage that is void of integrity, personal responsibility or truthfulness. The majority of humanity lives in this environment and has forgotten what it was like to have the personal power that spiritual freedom brings, which will empower them to overcome every obstacle and inner weakness. The average member of society has but one cry…please don’t hurt me! They do not have the strength of will to engage in life’s daily battles, as they stand in the uncertainty that compromise always brings.

To know the Truth is to live it! Not being well versed in the Truth, is to be unprepared when trouble hits or opportunities approach.

The battle is won…before it is fought! Victory is in the preparation!

Admittedly, to live a life refusing to compromise is the harder road. If you’re weak of spirit, you can be built up by applying Truth one action at a time. A person can build inner strength the same way they build outer strength and that is with each applied action of Truth.

Truth application is easy to understand when a person knows the one key that erases confusion when applied; do the Truths that are known first and then a person will discover even greater levels of Truth.

Don’t fret over failures! It is called learning. It is your intent that will carry you through the failures into the successes. There is a built in justification in all humans that makes things complicated and confusing when they don’t want to apply a Truth that goes against something or some behavior they want to do or practice.

But if you’re of the mind to start, start where you are and act on each and every Truth that comes to mind. Give yourself some slack when you fail, because you will…it’s human. But don’t intend to fail…intend to overcome! If you maintain that intent, you will chart the course for your life in a personal power you have never known possible! You will then have the strength to succeed and maintain your ground when challenged, while going through the process of building your personal power.

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