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FROM Joanne Lowe [email protected]

“And some began to spit on him, and to cover his face, and to buffet him, and to say unto him, Prophesy: and the servants did strike him with the palms of their hands.” ~Mark 14: 65 King James Version

“They spat on my Son and tortured Him. I hate them and will never forgive them. I gave them My only Son and He gave them His life and they ignore, reject and despise Him. I hate them and will never forgive them. What do they want Us to do; come crawling on our hands and knees and beg them to love Us? If We have to do that, then We don’t want their love because it wouldn’t be sincere. O how I hate them and I will never forgive them for what they did to My Son and are still doing to Him!”

What if our Heavenly Father had said that to us? Our hearts would be broken and we would have no hope of Heaven without His forgiveness. We would spend eternity without Jesus. Thank God for the mercy, kindness, compassion and unconditional love that flows from the hearts of our Father and His Son, our blessed Saviour. Without their Love for us, life is meaningless and we might as well stay in bed because there wouldn’t be anything to live for as this world offers nothing in the way of joy, happiness and lasting peace.

How tragic that would be if He had really said that to us! Yet we say the very same thing to our loved ones, friends and the world when we refuse to forgive them for hurting us. How can we expect a Holy God to forgive us when we’re not willing to forgive others? None of us have any right to approach our Heavenly Father when we have the sin of unforgiveness in our hearts. May God forgive us for harboring grudges and resentment in our hearts toward our families, our friends and the world!

We act as if we have never hurt anyone. Every one of us has hurt someone in our lifetime. We certainly have hurt Jesus and the person who denies this is deceiving himself or herself. The kindest and sweetest person we know is nothing but a sinner saved by grace. All of us were lost in our sins until Jesus put His loving arms around us and cleansed us with His redemptive blood. Don’t put your eyes on people because they will fail you just as you will fail them because we are still in the flesh and will sin and make mistakes. If we really love Jesus like we should love Him, then we will strive every day with His help to be kinder, more caring and compassionate, and more loving to people.

Have you said in your heart “I will never forgive that person for what he or she did”? We killed Jesus and His Father forgave us. How can we do less for each other? We wonder why we have so much conflict and problems in our families and in the world; it is because we are not loving one another with unconditional love and forgiving those who have hurt us like Jesus has commanded us to do.

One day the trumpet will sound and our victorious Saviour will return for us. Will He say to you “Well done thou good and faithful servant” or will He have tears in His eyes when He looks at you?

Joanne Lowe
February 4, 2007

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