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FROM An Essay by C. Sparkie

If you do not practice unconditional love (love toward all God's creation), like Christ, then you may have a programmed heart. Love is a spiritual gift. It cannot be turned on for deserving people ( just because we think we happen to be one of them) and turned off for inferior animals. This illogical and prevalent notion circulating among most humans is a brainwashing technique referred to as ‘culture'.  It is coupled with the use of constant programming stimuli.  All of God's creation is intricately interwoven to form one Body. We must not cannibalize the vulnerable and weaker, even though we are brainwashed from birth to do so.

It is an absolute absurdity for you to attend church, prayer meetings, profess Christianity, and then go out and eat one of the most vulnerable of all God's creatures, a cow (aka hamburger and steak) who suffered horrendously for years, then died a terrible death, so that you could get ten minutes of palatable pleasure. You are either a proponent of ALL LIFE, like Christ was, or you are not.

It is time for Christians to confront their contributions to the pain and suffering of God's ‘other' creation. The sweeter fruit it bears is a deeper devotion and appreciation for life; the bitter fruit it harbors is enlightenment to enormous animal suffering. Your cross is heavier, but through this process your faith is strengthened, and you have learned to let Christ bear your burdens even more. Let each of us ask ourselves, "Who is my father, my mother, my sister, my brother?"  Is it not ALL LIFE?   Listen!!  Let the Sleeping Heart Awaken!!!  God will walk with you in His garden exactly as far as you want to go.

The human consumption of animals is like cannibalism: a conspiracy against God. It's as though people are saying, "Thus saith the Lord, 'Let us sanitize and legalize violence and malevolence towards God's ‘other' creatures in His name'. Since they are here (we surmise), and they are so very vulnerable and weak (we surmise again), why not exploit them in the name of science, progress, and religion?"

People, listen! Let the Sleeping Heart Awaken!!  God may acquiesce to mankind's collective selfishness because it is acceptance of Christ which saves you, not abstaining from eating God's ‘other' creation.  If the measure you get is the measure you give, then it makes sense to pursue the fullness of His Life. Look at it as a pre-Heaven prep course! Mankind continues to perpetuate torment and abuse on God's vulnerable creation in His Name. This is absurd! This is self-serving. Examine your Sleeping Heart!

Why is Earth in this dilemma? Hearts have collectively fallen fast asleep a long time ago through cultural programming.  This has created an enormous schism and an inability to experience unconditional love toward all of God's created Life.  This is the way God loves, but it is evident that it is not the way people love.  When we embrace all God's creation, all life, then we will be able to freely forget about ourselves and walk much closer with God in the Garden with His other created beings.   I believe as the true church, whatever their faith or religion, awakens to the call of compassion, we will overcome this conspiracy against God with collective kindness, as we rid ourselves of collective cruelty.

Christ was the ‘Ultimate Vulnerable'. Take up an ultimate vulnerable cause today. Choose to take a deeper and more mysterious path into what it truly means to live and respect all  His Life, all His creation.  Get lost in this fertile forest of faith called Life.  Let it bring you closer to your Heavenly Home.

The illogical notion that we must first extend love toward people and then, if there is any left over, give the scraps to animals, is absurd.  (By definition, this is not unconditional love).  We don't sense immediate shame and guilt with this notion, because we are brainwashed from birth to create this schism born in selfishness.   Christ's love is the opposite.  He is not indifferent to any animal or human suffering; neither should we be.

Is all this talk, then, about genuine love and concern for ALL His creation another form of mass hysteria, a diabolical plot of Satan's in the last days to draw His real flock away (New Age is not new at all)?  The answer is no.

Listen closely.  I appeal to the Christian who eats a cow to go to the slaughterhouse and witness firsthand how a cow is killed and butchered; see the fruits of your paid, hoodless executioner.  See the cow lying moribund and bloody, stiff in suffering, writhing in agony, crying for help as you or I would; then, if you dare, righteously claim your authority and dominion over God's ‘other' creatures.

Millions of them stand outside Heaven's Gate every day as they draw a last breath for you.  So tell me, Christian, when you eat their body and taste the last remnants of their existence, with blood bought in suffering, is it then you become one with them and God?

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