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True Christian living requires us to live according to the Kingdom standards of God's Heavenly will, which bring Heaven to earth.

Love Notes
From Frank to Mary on their 41st Anniversary

Happy 41st Anniversary, Mary

When we look around the world at the seeming indifference of so many other people to the pain and suffering they cause, we often feel as strangers in a hell on earth.

These people consider themselves to be "good" and "Godly"; they look on their own acts of cruelty as being natural and the way God wants them to be. They look upon us as the "strange ones"!

Perhaps, thatís why God had us meet in an anthropology class, so that we would understand our peculiarity as Godís children and peacemakers in a blood-lust world, and find true love and comfort in our union.

Thank you for being my loving wife, companion, best friend, and co-worker for these forty-one years, and for the years to come.

I love you very much!!!

7 July 2002

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