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True Christian living requires us to live according to the Kingdom standards of God's Heavenly will, which bring Heaven to earth.

Love Notes
From Frank to Mary on Mother's Day 2010

Happy Motherís Day
Mother's Day 2010-01

Iím giving you this Motherís Day love note as a way of telling you how much I love you for who you are, and for the way you extend your motherly love to all who are suffering and oppressed.
Motherís Day can never fully be acknowledged with a card, or flowers, or candy; it can only be fully acknowledged through the reflection of your love for others.
It is seen in your more than fifty years of mourning for the cow and her baby who were separated, as if they were your own daughter and grandchild, and for all the other animals and humans who suffer and lose loved ones.
Mother's Day 2010-02
Happy Motherís Day!
I love you, and all your other childrenÖ

Öwith all my heart!
9 May 2010

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