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FROM D. Morton

The more selfless you become, the more God blesses.  Wake up, oh Christian heart!  You give more, not because you know you will be rewarded, but because you are becoming more like Him.  It is automatic.  I have learned that being in love with Him and in His presence will instill a selfless nature in you.  This isn't a payback from God either.  It is His very nature to reward good.  As you can see, this is a spiritual concept and is not dealt with in human terms.  Assume you have been lied to by the devil the moment you were forced out of your Mother's womb.  He was working on that little pea brain of yours long before you caught on.

Everything God created is good, because God is good.  This includes the animal kingdom.  Animals are unfallen.  They are consumed because man is unredeemed.  God loves His other creation as much as He loves us because of His unconditional love; this is what unconditional love means.  He embraces all His creation; not just mankind.  If He wants no harm to befall your body, He does not want harm to lay hold of His other creation, either.  He doesn't feel one way for us, and one way for them because His love is unconditional.  It is mankind who is fallen; not the animal kingdom.  How great the sin?

It stands to reason, because animals are at the mercy of sinful humans, animals will be exploited in any way we want to harm them.  It is easy to do this because they have no voice and are weaker than we.

It stands to reason because human beings crave animal flesh (it is addicting), they will justify the act through the Holiest Book on earth and rationalize through Christian principles animal abuse until the day they die.  Why?  Because they THINK they can hide behind a specific group or organization and get away with it.   Animal eating is a personal choice.  How far have we wandered by now from the compassion of Christ?  We are in the wilderness worshiping the golden calf.   This is the way we have been TAUGHT to THINK.  No animals can defend themselves against us.  Not a one.  Don't listen to the devil.

There are many truer mother Christians who have chosen to take up the Cross of Selflessness as mankind approaches our final days; our final hours. They have the foresight to peck incessantly away now at the cycle of human violence that perpetually pummels the animal kingdom.  They see their own children and grandchildren affected by their own actions two centuries away.  Like any helpless victims, whether it be a child, woman, or cripple, they are at our mercy.  When one finally personally chooses to take the side of God's weaker creation, this is when they are truly blessed.  They have discovered the buried treasure, the meaning of life, because they have chosen to selflessly embrace all life.

It stands to reason when you embrace all of His life, there are many more rewards. Please contemplate in your private hours all I have shared. As always, His actions and words are only meant to heal.

The Bible can be used to justify any position, even a selfless one.

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