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True Christian living requires us to live according to Kingdom standards which bring Heaven to earth.

FROM Amber Landall

Imagine this: You are living the life that you have always dreamed of living. You own a $14 million dollar mansion on your very own island near the Bahamas. The water is crystal blue and the sun is always shining. Your mansion is surrounded by lush Palm trees and beautiful Frangipani bushes. You have heaps of room for guests to stay and you can afford to bring them all over to you, if you so desire. Cleaners clean the house for you, waiters serve you, and butlers answer the door, unless you feel like doing so yourself.

You have everything money can buy. Your very own Ford Mustang which always gets changed every time a newer model comes on to the market; the very best chefs, which you searched all over the world for, and who cook you the most delicious meals every day; your own private jet and airstrip in case you feel like taking a break; and you have your very own sports section where you can play anything from golf to tennis to volleyball.

The beaches are pristine and untouched. There are great snorkelling spots all around, and most of all itís peaceful. No one ever bothers you unless you have invited them there yourself.

The money is rolling in without you having to do much work at all. You can sunbathe as much as you want, relax in the hammock or soak it up in the spa pool. Your gorgeous mansion is made of the most expensive materials; only the best tradesman worked on it and made it to your exact design. The marble pillars are one of the main features at the front and the 24 caret gold handles greet you at the door. Crystal chandeliers hang delicately from the high ceilings and only the finest china is placed on the tables.

You are living a life that most people can only dream of. Only a small minority have this kind of life.

But suddenly you have no more money. Your island is taken off you and you find yourself living in the slums of Bangladesh. Your house is made from corrugated iron planks, cardboard and newspaper. Rubbish confronts you as soon as you step outside your living area. Food is scarce and hard to come by, unless you visit the rubbish bins, as most people in this area are forced to do. The mornings are cold and you only have the clothes on your back. Your shoes are wearing out fast and you are struggling to survive. Life is hard, life is unfair and it isnít easy.

Colds and fluís never go away. Bugs, spiders and rats are always getting into everything and the rainy season is the hardest to live in. You canít take a bath; you canít even brush your teeth. You arenít used to this life at all, and would rather be soaking it up in the spa you used to once ownÖ Life is now all about survival.

Think about itÖ This effectively was what it was like for Jesus our Saviour. Unlike the story above Jesus voluntarily gave up His luxurious life for us. God gave us His everything Ė His Son. God loved us so much that He couldnít bare the thought of us perishing forever, so, He sent His Son to save us, to take our place in paying the penalty for our sins. Jesus gave up everything just to save us, you and me. Wow, that is such great love!

Jesus volunteered to come and take our place Ė to be scorned, beaten, mocked and hated. He volunteered to take the nails that shouldíve held us to that cross. He volunteered to exchange His crown of gold and precious jewels, for our crown of thorns. He volunteered to give up His life so that we may have life.

God gave up His one and only Son so that we might live for eternity with Him. Jesus gave up all He had ever known, to come to this earth, to take on our form and to pay a price that He didnít deserve to pay.

He even became a fetus, and as a baby had to learn how to do everything Ė walk, talk, sing, eat. Even now, we as adults do not remember the time we were in our motherís womb, the time we were learning to crawl or talk. We didnít even know that we existed then. The amazing thing is Jesus was willing to do this for us.

He gave up His everything just to bear all for us, to save us from our sins so that we could share His home with Him. He came to this dull earth, which compared to where He was living, was like a slum in Bangladesh. He died a cruel death for us, He was tortured and beaten for us and He never made a sound. He could have failed on His mission and would have been eternally separated from His father but He was willing to risk all this for you and me. This love is deep and far beyond our comprehension.

He constantly gave without holding back. He didnít even have to think twice to come to this earth to save us when Adam and Eve first sinned. He knew what needed to be done and He wanted to do it for us.

The amazing thing is that His love did not stop there. While on earth He showed love and tenderness to everyone He met. He healed the sick and befriended the lowest people in society. He even showed love to those who persecuted Him. He was there for everyone and He still is today. His love is never ending and He wants to constantly pour it out on us. His love for us is scarred on each hand - He took my cross, He took yours.

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