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FROM Elizabeth Farians

The Catholic Theological Society of America recently has approved an Interest Group on the Animals according to Dr. Elizabeth Farians who will head the new group. Dr. Farians is an Adjunct Professor of Theology at Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio, where she teaches a course she designed on Theology and Animals.

Dr. Farians emphasized that the new group will prove to be a significant breakthrough for the Animals. She added: “This is because, if in their study and investigations, theologians focus on how animals are treated in present-day society, it will become apparent to them that our treatment of the animals is not in accord with the Judeo-Christian teachings”. “Also”, she said:

“Until now theologians have been mostly silent on the animal issue, ignoring the unspeakable cruelties inflicted on the animals whether by such modern-day industries as entertainment companies, factory farming conglomerates, fur and wool clothing manufacturers, or vivisection systems. And theologians have left unchallenged the commonly-held false belief that the dominion over the animals given by God to mankind in the Genesis story means domination when it really is a command for a loving stewardship for the animals as God has for us”.

The new group focusing on the animals will begin organizing at the 2007 CTSA annual convention in Los Angeles, June 7-10. For further information interested persons may contact:

Elizabeth Farians
[email protected]

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