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FROM Amber Landall

You Will Never Be The Same Again

A life with God as the Pilot means that you will "Never Be The Same Again," as the song goes. There are numerous things that will take place in a God centred life that are unimaginable, even beyond our deepest comprehension. But no matter what, once God is at the helm and controlling the wheel, the magic will happen and your life will never be the same again.

God knows us far more than we know ourselves. His knowledge far surpasses ours. He knows what we are capable of and what we cannot handle...Remember that He will never give us anything that with his help we cannot handle or get through. God knows our dreams and aspirations. He also knows what would be detrimental to us, and what would be best for us and our walk with Him as well. God has said that He will give us our hearts desires if we follow Him and place him first and foremost in our life, but once again those dreams have to be in line with His will.

The magic that God can do in a life that is centred around Him is beyond our wildest dreams. Many prayers will be answered; many people will come into your life at just the right moment; and doors will be opened just when you thought that they were shut and the key had been thrown away. God's timing is perfect -- not a second late, not a second early. The amazing way that you will see God working in your life will leave you standing in awe with your mouth wide open and with a smile on your lips. So much can happen and so much happiness and peace will fill your life. No longer will the emptiness and void in your heart be missing because God's presence, love and devotion to you, will have taken its place.

The things that are learnt are life changing and priceless. Patience and trust, godly characteristics that turn to habits, knowledge, understanding, and wisdom given, will fill your life in such a way that others will want it too. This is God working in you, and nothing has been done of yourself. A life foccused on God is full of happiness and joy. A day will never be regretted, and each step in life will have meaning and purpose.

God owns us. He created us, and we are here for His purpose. With God behind the wheel and driving your life, He will use you for His purpose in whatever way He deems best for your life. The way He will work through you to others will be so unimaginable you will have no doubt that this is God and no one else. He is the King and he knows what He is doing.

Though there no doubt will be challenges and tough times as we let self and feelings get in the way, God will be there all the time. He never said it would be easy, but He did say that He would never leave us nor forsake us. He is ever present and His hand is forever clutching ours, if we let Him. Even in the tough times, if we let Him be in control and never give up on Him (as He never gives up on us), He can teach us things that will shape us to the person that He so desires us to be. He does not provide the tough times, but He can still work with and on us during those times. It is then that he can make us stronger and there we learn to totally rely on Him and trust in Him. For whatever reason, God sometimes allows things to happen but He can work in them in spite of it all. Being a Christian and placing your life totally in God's hands will not stop you from the attack of the enemy -- his attacks can usually be tougher because of this, but God is there to help you through, and trust me, you will get through.

To allow God to take over our lives and let Him be in control, we need to be willing to hand over all of the reins and not allow ourselves to have a tiny hold of them. God must be in total control, and we must be willing, open, and receptive to whatever he wants to do in our lives. If that means not having the career that we so desire, not going to the university that we want to, not having the car that we long for, then so be it. God knows what He is doing and even if we don't have those things that we desire, He will make it up to us in other ways and in ways that we would never have imagined.

He is truly an amazing God, King, Ruler of this earth. With Him at the centre of your life you can not go wrong. You will never be the same again!

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