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There are pro-choice Protestant denominations like the United Church of Christ.

The apostle Paul claimed the risen Jesus told him three times, " grace is sufficient for thee..." and some Christians take these words as a license to do as they please, ignoring the rest of the moral instructions Paul gives throughout his epistles.

Thus we see pro-life Christians react to secular scientific data and ethical arguments on animal sentience, environmental arguments, etc. merely by repeating a word or phrase three times, thinking their religion exempts them from secular arguments.

**Can pro-choice Christians do likewise with the unborn?**

The federal government imposes a fine upon anyone destroying a fertilized bald eagle egg.

Can pro-choicers dismiss the argument with three times, "Bald eagle eggs, Bald eagle eggs, Bald eagle eggs...." ?

Can pro-choicers dismiss the argument with a snide, "Thank you *so* much!" ?

Or do secular arguments (like fertilized bald eagle eggs) overrule unprovable religious beliefs in favor of killing?

**If secular arguments overrule religion when it comes to protecting the unborn, why isn't it the case when it comes to protecting animals?!**

If pro-life Christians think their religion exempts them from having to protect animals, aren't pro-choice Christians similarly exempt from having to protect the unborn?

Or do secular arguments overrule religion?

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