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Republican Political Scandals

Democrats are quick to point out that while Bill Clinton may have lied under oath, his lie merely involved consensual sex, which didn't harm anyone, whereas George W. Bush lied about "weapons of mass destruction" which cost innocent lives: Americans AND Iraqis!

Do the math. President Clinton was born in 1946. Monica Lewinsky was born in 1973. Nothing makes a mature man feel younger than to be pursued by a younger woman. And if she's skilled at fellatio, it really *is* a male sexual fantasy come true.

And it was Monica Lewinsky who first came on to Bill Clinton (not the other way around!), revealing to him in the Oval Office that she was wearing thong underwear. And Monica Lewinsky had political ambitions of her own. In an interview in the aftermath of the Monica Lewinsky scandal, Barbara Walters said to her, "You must realize now, you'll never be president!"

That being said, the Republicans have had their share of sex scandals, too, and are not in a position to claim to be the party of faith and family values!

Republicans Newt Gingrich, Bob Livingston, Dan Burton, Ken Calvert, Henry Hyde and Helen Chenoweth condemned President Clinton for the Monica Lewinsky affair (and not merely for his lying under oath) when their own past is less than exemplary!

Others Republicans have condemned gays, and were later found out to be gay themselves, soliciting prostitutes, committing adultery, etc.

Republican racist pedophile and United States Senator Strom Thurmond had sex with a 15-year old black girl, which produced a child.

Roy Cohn, continually condemned gays and gay rights, was a closet gay who died of AIDS.

John Schmitz (R-CA), former extreme right-wing Republican fathered two children by a mistress — a former student named Carla Stuckle whom Schmitz taught when he was a professor at Santa Ana College. One of these children was once admitted to an Orange County hospital with hair tied in a square knot around his penis so tightly that it was almost severed.

Congressman Schmitz' daughter, Mary Kay LeTourneau, made national headlines when as a schoolteacher, she was arrested twice for having sex and producing two children with an underage student of hers (beginning when he was only 13 years old).

Robert Bauman (R-MD) was campaigning for his fourth term as a Maryland Congressman in 1980. A practicing Roman Catholic with a wife and child, he was one of the most vocal conservatives in a very conservative Congress. He regularly rallied for old-fashioned values and attacked all supporters of abortion and homosexual rights.

His campaign changed overnight with a series of shocking revelations. The public learned that Bauman had been charged with soliciting sex from a 16-year old boy he picked up at a gay bar, and that he had been the victim of an extortion scheme by a man who claimed to have had a sexual relationship with him. This, combined with an alcohol problem (which did not seem to bother his fellow Congressmen before), doomed his political career.

Dan Crane (R-IL) On July 20, 1983, the House voted to simultaneously censure two members of Congress for sexual misconduct, the first time it had ever done so.

Crane was censured for having sexual relations with a 17 year-old female page.

Donald "Buz" Lukens (R-OH) was found guilty of having sex with a minor and sentenced to one month in jail.

Dick Armey (R-TX): as an economics professor before entering Congress, was accused of sexually harassing female students, according to the Dallas Observer.

J.C. Watts (R-Oklahoma): has said "Character is simply doing right when no one is looking." Watts has tried to cover up his out-of-wedlock child.

Bob Packwood, Senator (R-OR), resigned in 1995 under a threat of public senate hearings related to ten female ex-staffers accusing him of sexual harassment.

Bob Barr (R-GA) the principal sponsor of the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, has been married three (or is it now four) times. And at a party in 1992, Barr actually licked whipped cream off the breasts of two women, neither of them his current wife. Now that's family values!

Charles Canady (R-FL), Judiciary Committee member. A leading opponent of abortion, Canady lied to his constituents about his adulterous affair with Sharon Becker, which caused her divorce from Florida businessman Robert Becker.

Jim Bunn, (R-Oregon) With his success due in great part to support from the Christian Coalition, Bunn won his congressional seat, then left his wife (and mother of his five children), married a staffer, and put his new wife on the state payroll with a salary of $ 97,500.

Lewis Libby, former Assistant to the President and Chief of Staff to Vice President Dick Cheney. In 1996 published a novel containing bizarre sexual content, including bestiality and pedophilia.

John Peterson (R-PA): has been accused of sexual harassment and hostile-work-environment claims by six women.

Chip Pickering (R-MS) 's estranged wife claims in a lawsuit he had an affair that ruined their marriage while Pickering was in Congress and living in a Christian building for lawmakers on C Street, near the U.S. Capitol. Pickering, 45, was elected to Congress in 1996, and is now a lobbyist in Washington for Cellular South, the company that is owned by his mistress's family.

Bob Livingston (R-LA) was about to replace Newt Gingrich as Speaker of the House until he resigned in disgrace when it was revealed that he admitted to had been involved in several adulterous affairs, (while attempting to crucify Democratic President Clinton for having done so)!

Dan Burton (R-IN) was the Chairman of the House Government Reform & Oversight Committee. He hated President Clinton so that he publicly called him a "scumbag." Following an expose, Burton was forced to admit that he fathered an out-of-wedlock child, a fact he denied for years.

Ken Calvert (R-CA) said in 1998, "We can't forgive what occurred between the President and Lewinsky." This is the same Christian Coalition ally, who was caught by police in 1993 receiving oral sex from a prostitute. His ex-wife also sued him for failure to pay alimony.

Helen Chenoweth (R-ID): one of first to condemn Clinton, admitted to having a six year extramarital affair with a married associate. The Spokane Spokesman-Review, but now she claims a pardon from a higher authority: "I've asked for God's forgiveness, and I've received it," she revealed. (She has since divorced and remarried – no doubt with the Lord's blessing!)

Mike Bowers Former State Attorney General of Georgia, prosecuted the famous Bowers v. Hardwick case, based on Georgia anti-sodomy laws. Admitted to a 10-year adulterous affair.

Ed Schrock, two-term Republican congressman, with a 92% approval rating from the Christian Coalition. Cosponsor of the Federal Marriage Amendment, consistently opposed gay rights. Married, with wife and kids. Withdrew his candidacy for a third term after tapes of him soliciting for gay sex were circulated.

Bill Thomas (R-CA) This 11-term Republican is chairman of the Ways and Means subcommittee on Health. In June, (2003?) the Bakersfield Californian reported that Thomas, who is married, was having an affair with health care lobbyist Deborah Steelman, who steered huge campaign gifts to Thomas' war chest.

In an "open letter to friends and neighbors" (voters), Thomas did not deny the relationship, but said during his legislative career, "...Any personal failures of commitment or responsibility to my wife, family, or friends are just that, personal. I have never traded a public responsibility for a personal one and I never will."

He has yet to admit, however, that during 38 years of marriage he has committed adultery with dozens of women, sexually assaulted others (including a lobbyist for Planned Parenthood), and kept mistresses on his campaign and public payrolls – to the tune of at least a half-million dollars.

Neil Bush, brother of George W. Bush, in a March 2003 divorce deposition, admitted repeatedly having sex with strange women who just showed up at his room while he was on an Asian business trip.

Don Sherwood (R-PA) had a five year adulterous affair which only ended when his mistress sued him for physical abuse (and attempted murder?) in 2004.

Carey Lee Cramer, political consultant and producer of negative presidential campaign ads, was convicted of molesting two young girls, one of whom lived with him, and was 8 yrs old; the other starred in an anti-Kerry commercial.

Andrew Buhr, Republican politician, former committeeman for Hadley Township Missouri, was charged with two counts of first degree sodomy with a 13-year old boy.

Senator John Ensign (R-NV) confessed to serious cheating on his wife with a staffer and caught paying hush money to the husband, his chief of staff.

Gov. Mark Sanford (R-SC), confessed to serious cheating on his wife after leaving his state unsupervised for a week.

Senator Larry Craig (R-ID), caught in a gay sex sting operation in a MN bathroom.

Senator David Vitter (R-LA), found to have been a client of prostitutes in DC and Louisiana.

Rep. Mark Foley, (R-FL) forced to resign when he was found to be having inappropriate communications with male pages.

Rep. Vito Fossela. (R-NY) another "family values" Republican lost his seat when it was revealed that he had fathered a child with a woman not his wife.

In the Fall of 2009, yet another conservative Christian Republican fell from grace. Assemblymen Michael Duvall of Yorba Linda, CA. made the mistake of bragging before a "hot mike" to a fellow legislator, about his sexual conquests with female lobbyists, at "the head table" of a legislative hearing room.

This champion opponent of gay equality was a married man with two children who had earned a 100% rating for good Christian family values organizations. Now, he's joined the cavalcade of disgraced hypocritical Republican former politicians.

Rep. DesJarlais, who is also a doctor, made the unfortunately rather common decision to cheat on his wife before assuming office. However, that's not all. You see, besides cheating on his wife, Rep. DesJarlais' choice of partners bears mention – specifically, he…

Cheated with his coworkers

Cheated with his own patients.

Wrote false prescriptions for one of his mistresses to get drugs, and…

Pressured his own wife to get an abortion – twice – while campaigning as a supposedly family values-friendly candidate.

Sue Myrick, Congresswoman (R-NC), describes herself as a "devout Christian." Yet she's divorced and now married to the man with whom some say she has admitted committing adultery when she and he were married to their prior spouses.

Adelphia Communications Corp.: Donated large sums of money to some of the most conservative members of Congress. They are also the first cable company to offer hard-core adult movies to subscribers.

* Republican anti-abortion activist Howard Scott Heldreth is a convicted child rapist in Florida.

* Republican County Commissioner David Swartz pleaded guilty to molesting two girls under the age of 11 and was sentenced to 8 years in prison.

* Republican judge Mark Pazuhanich pleaded no contest to fondling a 10-year old girl and was sentenced to 10 years probation.

* Republican anti-abortion activist Nicholas Morency pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography on his computer and offering a bounty to anybody who murders an abortion doctor. we're just getting started, kids.

* Republican legislator Edison Misla Aldarondo was sentenced to 10 years in prison for attempted rape of a juvenile.

* Republican Mayor Philip Giordano is serving a 37-year sentence in federal prison for sexually abusing 8- and 10-year old girls.

* Republican campaign consultant Tom Shortridge was sentenced to three years probation for taking nude photographs of a 15-year old girl.

* Republican pastor Mike Hintz, whom George W. Bush commended during the 2004 presidential campaign, surrendered to police after admitting to a sexual affair with a juvenile.

* Republican legislator Peter Dibble pleaded no contest to having an inappropriate relationship with a 13-year-old girl.

* Republican activist Lawrence E. King, Jr. organized child sex parties at the White House during the 1980s.

* Republican lobbyist Craig J. Spence organized child sex parties at the White House during the 1980s.

* Republican fundraiser Richard A. Delgaudio was found guilty of child porn charges.

* Republican activist Mark A. Grethen convicted on six counts of sex crimes involving children.

* Republican activist Randal David Ankeney pleaded guilty to attempted sexual assault on a child.

* Republican activist and Christian Coalition leader Beverly Russell admitted to an incestuous relationship with a step daughter.

* Republican governor Arnold Schwarzenegger had sex with a 16 year old when he was 28.

* Republican congressman and anti-gay activist Robert Bauman was charged with having sex with a 16-year-old boy he picked up at a gay bar.

* Republican Committee Chairman Jeffrey Patti was arrested for distributing a video clip of a 5-year-old girl being raped.

* Republican activist Marty Glickman (a.k.a. "Republican Marty"), was taken into custody by Florida police on four counts of unlawful sexual activity with a juvenile and one count of delivering the drug LSD.

* Republican legislative aide Howard L. Brooks was charged with molesting a 12-year old boy and possession of child pornography.

* Republican Senate candidate John Hathaway was accused of having sex with his 12-year old baby sitter and withdrew his candidacy after the allegations were reported in the media.

* Republican preacher Stephen White, who demanded a return to traditional values, was arrested after allegedly offering $20 to a 14-year-old boy for permission to perform oral sex on him.

* Republican talk show host Jon Matthews pleaded guilty to exposing his genitals to an 11 year old girl.

* Republican anti-gay activist Earl "Butch" Kimmerling was sentenced to 40 years in prison for molesting an 8-year old girl after he attempted to stop a gay couple from adopting her.

* Republican Party leader Paul Ingram pleaded guilty to six counts of raping his daughters and served 14 years in federal prison.

* Republican election board official Kevin Coan was sentenced to two years probation for soliciting sex over the internet from a 14-year old girl.

* Republican politician Keith Westmoreland was arrested on seven felony counts of lewd and lascivious exhibition to minors under 16 (i.e. exposing himself to children).

* Republican anti-abortion activist John Allen Burt was charged with sexual misconduct involving a 15-year old girl.

* Republican County Councilman Keola Childs pleaded guilty to molesting a child.

* Republican activist John Butler was charged with criminal sexual assault on a teenage girl.

* Republican candidate Richard Gardner admitted to molesting his two daughters.

* Republican Councilman and former Marine Jack W. Gardner was convicted of molesting a 13-year old girl.

* Republican County Commissioner Merrill Robert Barter pleaded guilty to unlawful sexual contact and assault on a teenage boy.

* Republican City Councilman Fred C. Smeltzer, Jr. pleaded no contest to raping a 15 year-old girl and served 6-months in prison.

* Republican activist Parker J. Bena pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography on his home computer and was sentenced to 30 months in federal prison and fined $18,000.

* Republican parole board officer and former Colorado state representative, Larry Jack Schwarz, was fired after child pornography was found in his possession.

* Republican strategist and Citadel Military College graduate Robin Vanderwall was convicted in Virginia on five counts of soliciting sex from boys and girls over the internet.

* Republican city councilman Mark Harris, who was described as a "good military man" and "church goer," was convicted of repeatedly having sex with an 11-year-old girl and sentenced to 12 years in prison.

* Republican businessman Jon Grunseth withdrew his candidacy for Minnesota governor after allegations surfaced that he went swimming in the nude with four underage girls, including his daughter.

* Republican director of the "Young Republican Federation" Nicholas Elizondo molested his 6-year old daughter and was sentenced to six years in prison.

* Republican benefactor of conservative Christian groups, Richard A. Dasen Sr., was charged with rape for allegedly paying a 15-year old girl for sex. Dasen, 62, who is married with grown children and several grandchildren, has allegedly told police that over the past decade he paid more than $1 million to have sex with a large number of young women.

Randal David Ankeney, Republican activist, arrested on suspicion of sexual assault on a child with force. He faces 6 charges related to getting a 13-year-old girl stoned on pot and then having sex with her. He's also accused of sexually assaulting another girl.

Jim Bakker, televangelist with Pat Robertson at Robertson's Christian Broadcasting network. Committed adultery with Jessica Hahn and then used charitable donations to pay her hush money. Fellow televangelists said he was gay. He was indicted on 23 federal charges of fraud, tax evasion, and racketeering.

Louis Beres, chairman of the Christian Coalition of Oregon. Three of his family members accuse him of molesting them when they were pre-teens.

Howard L. Brooks, Republican legislative aide and advisor to a California assemblyman, was charged with molesting a 12-year old boy and possession of child pornography.

John Bolton, Bush's appointee ambassador to United Nations, corroborated allegations that Mr. Bolton's first wife, Christina Bolton, was forced to engage in group sex have not been refuted by the State Department.

Mike Bowers Former State Attorney General, prosecuted the famous Bowers vs. Hardwick case, based on Georgia anti-sodomy laws. Admitted to a ten-year adulterous affair.

Ted Bundy campaigned for the Republican Party. Infamous serial rapist who murdered 16 women.

John Allen Burt, Republican anti-abortion activist, convicted of sexually molesting a 15 year old girl at the home for troubled girls that he ran.

George W. Bush, Republican president, was accused in a criminal complaint and lawsuit of raping Margie Schoedinger, who later committed suicide. He was accused by Tammy Phillips, a former stripper quoted in the National Enquirer in 2000 saying she had an affair with Bush that had ended in 1999.

Keola Childs, Republican County Councilman, pleaded guilty to sexual assault in the first degree for molesting a male child.

Paul Crouch Televangelist, Former President of Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN). Paid $425,000 in hush money in an attempt to cover up a gay affair.

Larry Dale Floyd, Republican Constable in Denton County, Texas Precinct Two. He was arrested for allegedly crossing state lines to have sex with an 8-year old child and was charged with 7 related offenses. Age 62 at time of arrest.

John Fund, of the Wall Street Journal, a prominent anti-abortion columnist and GOP fund raiser. He lost his position after it was revealed that he impregnated the daughter of an old girlfriend and then encouraged her to abort his child.

Jeff Gannon, Partisan blogger with no journalism credentials and a fake name who got invited to Bush's Press conferences. He is also a pimp and a gay prostitute.

Rudy Giuliani had an adulterous affair.

Matthew Glavin, president and CEO of the Southeastern Legal Foundation, a big player in the Clinton Impeachment, and many anti-gay jihads, has been arrested multiple times for public indeceny, one time fondling the crotch of the officer who was arresting him.

Dr. W. David Hager, Bush appointee, member of Focus on the Family's Physician Resource Council, a player in movement to ban the morning-after-pill. He had an adulterous affair, before divorcing his wife he sexually abused her, including sodomizing her in her sleep.

Neal Horsley has called for the arrest of all homosexuals. Admitted on the Fox News Radio's The Alan Colmes Show, that he's had sex with mules.

Tim Hutchinson, divorced his wife of 29 years to marry a congressional aide he was having an affair with.

Henry Hyde, Judge who oversaw Clinton's impeachment proceedings, prominent opponent of reproductive rights, who had an extramarital affair with a woman who was married and had three children, during the course of which she and her husband were divorced.

Don Haidl, Assistant Sheriff of Orange Country, in violation of California's rape shield law, led a smear campaign against the child his son poisoned and then violently gang-raped on videotape, adding up to 24 felony counts. He said that his son "acted accordingly" because the child was a "slut".

Lewis Libby, former Assistant to the President and Chief of Staff to Vice President Dick Cheney. In 1996 published a novel containing bizarre sexual content, including beastiality and pedophillia.

Rush Limbaugh, triple-divorcee, 30-pill a day drug addict.

Bob Livingston, former Congressman (R-LA) resigned from the House in the wake of revelations about his past adultery.

Pat McPherson, Douglas County Election Commissioner. Was arrested for fondling a 17-year-old girl.

Jon Matthews, Republican talk show host in Houston, was indicted for indecency with a child, including exposing his genitals to a girl under the age of 17.

Jeff Miller, (R-Cleveland), Senate Republican Caucus Chairman in Tennessee and the sponsor of Tennessee's Marriage Protection act, getting divorced (as of April 2005) because of an affair he was having with an office aid.

Miller described the Tennessee Marriage Protection Act as a means of preserving the sanctity of marriage. He opposed an amendment, however, which stated that adultery is deemed to be a threat to the institution of marriage and contrary to public policy in Tennessee.

Sue Myrick, Congresswoman (R-NC), describes herself as a "devout Christian." Committed adultery with a married man.

Bob Packwood, Senator (R-OR), resigned in 1995 under a threat of public senate hearings related to 10 female ex-staffers accusing him of sexual harassment.

John Paulk, lied about prowling for gay sex while running a fundamentalist group to cure gays.

Brent Parker, Utah State Representetive. He was arrested for soliciting sex from an undercover officer posing as a male prostitute.

John Peterson, Congressman (R-PA), was accused of sexual harassment and creation of a hostile work environment by six women. Peterson has refused to admit a crime, saying only "I may have been an excessive hugger."

Harvey Pitt, SEC Chief under George W. Bush until he was forced to resign in 2002. He worked for New Frontier Media, a firm which distributed teen sex videos.

George Roche III, carried on a 19 year affair with his son's wife, while serving as president of an organization which "emphasizes the importance of the common moral truths that bind all Americans, while recognizing the importance of religion for the maintenance of a free society."

Jack Ryan, 2004 Republican nominee for US Senate from Illinois, pressured his wive, actress Jeri Ryan, to have sex with other men. He tricked her into visiting sex clubs, where he asked her to have sex with him while others watched.

Joe Scarborough, former Republican Congressman, and a conservative talk show host. Resigned his congressional seat abruptly to spend more time with his family, amidst allegations of an affair. His intern, Lori Klausutis, was soon after found dead in his office.

The medical examiner, who had his license revoked in for falsifying information in an autopsy report, and suspended in for six years, ruled the case an accident, after giving conflicting information about her injuries. He said he lied about them because "The last thing we wanted was 40 questions about a head injury."

Ed Schrock, two-term Republican congressman, with a 92% approval rating from the Christian Coalition. He was a cosponsor of the Federal Marriage Amendment, and consistently opposed gay rights. Married, with wife and kids. He withdrew his candidacy for a third term after tapes of him soliciting for gay sex were circulated.

Dr. Laura Schlessinger, right wing conservative radio host. She promotes family values, estranged from her mother, opposes birth control, but has had her tubes tied, she espouses saving oneself for marriage, but admits to having had sex before she was married, she opposes adultery, but has committed adultery while she was married, and has slept with a married man, she opposes divorce, but is divorced and remarried, and has posed for nude photos which are available online.

Jim Stelling, Seminole County Republican Party chairman who believes in "family values," or so he told a judge. He filed a defamation lawsuit against Nancy Goettman, a former county GOP executive committee member, for falsely claiming he had been married six times. Stelling has been married only five times.

Don Sherwood, Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives. He eventually admitted to an affair with a woman 30 years younger than him, after she accused him of physical abuse and attempting to choke her.

Fred C. Smeltzer, Jr., Republican City Councilman, pleaded no contest to raping a 15 year-old girl and served 6-months in prison.

Craig J. Spence, Republican lobbyist, organized orgies with child prostitutes in the White House during the 1980s.

Jimmy Swaggart, televangelist, said during a sermon: "I'm trying to find the correct name for it... this utter absolute, asinine, idiotic stupidity of men marrying men. I've never seen a man in my life I wanted to marry. And I'm gonna be blunt and plain; if one ever looks at me like that, I'm gonna kill him and tell God he died." Swaggart had an affair with a prostitute.

David Swartz, Republican County Commissioner, pleaded guilty to molesting two girls under the age of 11 and was sentenced to 8 years in prison.

Randall Terry, Right to Life activist, founder of Operation Rescue, involved in the Terri Schiavo protests. He was once imprisoned for sending former President Bill Clinton an aborted fetus.

His son Jamiel is gay; his daughter Tila had sex outside of marriage, became pregnant, had a miscarriage - she is no longer welcome in his home; his daughter Ebony had 2 children outside of wedlock and became Muslim. He has campaigned against infidelity and birth control, gays and unwed mothers. Terry himself was censured by his church after committing adultery.

Bill Thomas Republican congressman, had an affair with Deborah Steelman, a health care lobbyist who steered huge campaign gifts to Thomas' war chest.

Robin Vanderwall, Republican strategist and Citadel Military College graduate, director of Faith & Family Alliance, (a Christian Coalition spin off), former student of Pat Robertson's Regent Universtity, member of Ralph Reed's inner circle who funneled money to from lobbiest Jack Abromoff to Reed, convicted in Virginia for soliticing sex from a 13-year-old-boy and on four other counts of soliciting sex from boys and girls over the internet.

Jim Wesr, Spokane Mayor. He had a sexual affair with an 18 year old. Supported a bill, which failed, would have barred gays and lesbians from working in schools, day-care centers and some state agencies. He voted to bar the state from distributing pamphlets telling people how to protect themselves from AIDS. He proposed that any touching of the sexual or other intimate parts of a person among teens be criminalized.

Stephen White, Republican preacher. Was arrested after allegedly offering $20 to a 14-year-old boy for permission to perform oral sex on him.

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