The Writings of
Vasu Murti


Animal Rights and Vegetarianism
in the Western Religious Traditions

Copyright 1995, 1999


They Shall not Hurt or Destroy

"You have a generally deep understanding of Judaism, and the books we hold dear (inspired)."

---Rabbi Jacob Feuerwerker
Marion, Ohio

"For a non-Jew and a non-Christian, you have a remarkable grasp of Biblical interpretation."

        ---Reverend Frank Hoffman
        Athens, New York

"...I want to commend you for the extensive research you have undertaken�especially in your sections on Judaism and Christianity. I do not believe I have read as detailed a study of the rabbinic and talmudic tradition of concern for animals anywhere... your analysis of the primary sources�especially of the Bible�leaves the reader in no doubt that you have thoroughly absorbed the text and are not just citing material secondhand."

---Martin Rowe

"The erudition you display is stunning�both in range and depth�and They Shall not Hurt or Destroy will serve me as a treasured sourcebook for years to come.

"About three years ago, I came to the conclusion that the animal rights movement will never succeed until we �convert� the churches and synagogues to our cause...They Shall not Hurt or Destroy is an invaluable contribution to the necessary work of awakening mainstream religion to the spiritual imperative of compassion for all living beings. Every Christian and every animal advocate could benefit from reading it. It is a remarkably clear and comprehensive guide to the animal protection message of the Western spiritual traditions...This is a book that deserves a wide audience."

---Norm Phelps
Spiritual Outreach Director
The Fund for Animals

"This is THE comprehensive reference work that documents the writings of mainstream religious and spiritual leaders who, from antiquity, have taught that compassion and kindness must mark our relationship with nonhuman as well as human beings. The author also reviews the observations of secular spokespersons, past and present, who through the centuries have championed the cause of compassion for animals, and for their rights as fellow beings."

---Humane Religion

"This book is the most extensive collection of Vasu Murti�s reverence for life philosophy. It is incredibly rich in information about thinkers, ancient and modern, who affirmed a concern for all living things.

"Murti�s knowledge of writers who affirmed reverence for all living things is amazingly wide. This book includes people from many traditions�Greeks, Romans, Jews, Christians...Mormons, Bahai�s, etc."

---Rose Evans
Harmony: Voices for a Just Future

"Mr. Murti has unearthed a veritable goldmine of ancient writings from saints, philosophers, preachers and reformers, reaching back to Pythagoras, who have vigorously and in no uncertain terms, roundly condemned not just cruelty to, but the killing of animals for meat, fur, leather or sport...

"Mr. Murti has presented this valuable work in a clearly written and organized manner. It is important, and I recommend it to all vegetarians interested in the deep and widespread roots of their movement."

---James N. Dawson
Live and Let Live

"In his book, Vasu Murti performs a valuable service indeed: he has made available source materials from within the Christian tradition which are normally in the domain of the academic specialist. His research has been intense, and has extended over a long period. His work deserves recognition, and in promoting it, I hope that his book will move into a wider audience."

---Brother Aelred
(Robert Edmunds)
Armidale, Australia

"I am...a devoted Christian who believes that God wants us to have respect for His creation, and that this extends to animals and the environment. I recently read Vasu Murti�s They Shall not Hurt or Destroy and highly recommend it to other religious vegetarians or anyone who is interested in the relationship between theology and compassionate living."

---Rachael Price
SUNY Geneseo

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THEY SHALL NOT HURT OR DESTROY is available in print copy from Vegetarian Advocates Press, PO Box 201791, Cleveland, OH 44120, at a cost of $15.00 US per book including shipping and handling.

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