Frost: The Jewels of WinterFrost: The Jewels of Winter
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Dedicated to the Preservation and Restoration of the Whole of Creation: Humans - Animals - Environment
"And God saw all that He had made, and behold, it was very good.
And there was evening and there was morning, the sixth day" (Genesis 1:31)

Frost: The Jewels of Winter - 03

Frost: The Jewels of Winter - 03
(Frost: The Jewels of Winter - 03) It is interesting how most of these ice crystals have developed independently of each other, so that we can appreciate their individual forms.  We often limit our thinking to finite terms, such as: water freezes into ice, and the moisture in the air freezes as frost, rime, or glaze ice.  As a result, we fail to see beyond the obvious.  But when we open our minds to accept greater possibilities, we begin to see "infinite" options.  Our neighbors (human and non-human) also present opportunities for us to get to know them individually.
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lamb-right lamb-left Presented here are just a few of the countless components of God's creation.  Just as we cannot have human and animal life without water and plants, neither can we have lasting peace without love and compassion.  It is our hope and prayer that this series will motivate people to live and act in a cruelty-free manner; that we would no longer hurt or destroy each other, the animals or our environment.