Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes)Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes)
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Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) - 03

Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) - 03
(Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) - 03) This is another photo of this red fox baby.  They move very quickly and it is difficult to get a photo of them without some part of their body being blurred.  The babies eyes open after about 1-1/2 weeks and they remain in their home for another three to four weeks until they are partially weaned;  they are fully weaned about 2 months after birth. Within another couple of weeks after first emerging from their home, they are romping and playing all around their home, which is when we first saw them.  In this photo we can also see the red fox characteristic reddish upper body coloring with black legs and feet and a white tipped tail.
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