Anthony James 5th I
Poetry By Anthony James
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5th I
Poetry By Anthony James

Cast aside, not quite right-
My Soul, a cog- Cognitive and Alive-
Divine, Inside- Placed aside- in a bin titled-
"prone to sin"

Sentimental Father- Whose Love Is Everlasting-
A garbage bin, always empty within-is adjacent
Sits in God's sadness, in isolation-
No one is garbage! Everyone is Loved!

What is wrong with us?

Look at me, I fight with others-
Look at me, I loot my brothers
Look at me, all my broken druthers-

My think machine is off-
My cog is a liability- In The System of Truth And Love
I lack integrity- made from tin, I walk in golden shoes
I don't even own?

Look at me I'm broken-
What I am, I do not know?
I could bring down the whole show
I'm a cog that isn't working-

Separated, integrated-
Father says it's His Heart that I've jaded-
I weep at His absence- He weeps more than I-
Loving Father please don't cry- oh why, why?

Father knows best, that is why-
We leave each other- and instantly-
I am called, Gerard- In what is a new life?
A Birth, a cry- continued on from the other side-
During the most painful goodbye-

A new place for me-
He watches over me-
Him I cannot see- but He can see me-

Turning tin into real gold-
My Father Redeems His Son's Souls-
One by one- Through His Merciful Creation of Life And Time-
We must uncover Truths we hold-
In the hearts we mold, inside-Divine-

Me and my Father, in His Hands of Time!
In a most complex Universal Womb-
In the balance- this Life of mine.

November 1, 2010. Anthony James , All rights reserved

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