Anthony James Abandoned Husband (we love You)
Poetry By Anthony James
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Abandoned Husband (we love You)
Poetry By Anthony James

Married to God
He always Loved us.
We were His Bride...
A Good Husband
Righteous and True
He never lied.
But we (all men) were not a good Bride
We would leave Him for another
An Adulterer.
A harlot, defiled.
He came to pose a threat
To our Marriage
He came along and promised us kingdoms
Tempted us,
To turn us against Him, our Husband
He could do nothing,
But suffer the hurt we caused Him
Because Love is a thing
That He would feel
Unloved by His Bride...
Alone, we let Him
And who is this other one?
He is Satan.
We were lured by His promises
We wanted and he promised
We didn't know he was a liar
So, we left God for him, that devil.
God is Righteous
And God is Jealous
God Created a world
A battlefield for our love
To separate them who would come back to Him  From those who would not...
And God came down
In the likeness of us, the fallen ones
He came to leave us His Word of Love
And to say
"I still Love you"
"Come back to me"
"I came for you"
"Here is my Word (Son)"
"I must go, soon"
"But I will come back for you"
"My Bride"
I Forgive you all
Who still love Me
And seek forgiveness
For you I give you all my Love, again
And will take you back
We will be One again.
In Love.

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