Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer

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Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer

Once upon a Christmas it is said. Three kings of Orient by a star were led. And shepherds watched in their fields that night. A magnificent, star of wonder and a star of great light!

This night angels from the realms of glory they did hear. And when an angel came the shepherds shook with fear. Fear not this angel said for tidings of good news to you bring. For Christ is born in Bethlehem and that is why we sing!

There under the beautiful star of Bethlehem the gift was given. And angels were heard on high singing from heaven. They sang of joy to the world and of peace to mankind. For in a manger in Bethlehem the savior they would find

Yes in Bethlehem away in a manger the child did lie. And all through the night shepherds were standing near by. Standing their guard of this new born king! The birth of Christ is why Herald angels did sing.

The message of this great birth was heard far and near. As the angels sang many proclaimed do you hear what I hear. The angelís songs were echoing through the night. Telling all of the birth under that stars great light.

So go tell it on the mountain over the hill and every where. The story of Christmas is a story we all should share. Tell the story of Christís birth and let the bells of Christmas ring. Rejoice in this message and perhaps you too will hear the angels sing.

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