Andrew PellA Day in the Garden of God
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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A Day in the Garden of God
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

I look around and see all types of wonderful fauna and exotic flowers.
The beauty and fragrance lasts for months, not just hours.
There are myriads of ponds with an array of bright picturesque water lilies and other plants in bloom.
It is constant reminder that in my heart for Gods love there will always be room.
This is part of the divine mystery and artistry of God in which we all belong .
Walk along the garden and you will always find benches to rest a while.
A gardener will always be there to greet you with a smile.
Sit down for a while; embrace the serenity and divinity of all life.
A sense of oneness overcomes you. You are one with creation; there is never any strife.
If you are thirsty, the gardener will ask you if you would like a drink.
It is freely given, a divine link.
The tall trees give you shade in the noontide hour.
With each ray that filters through the tall leafy branches, you feel the divine power.
It is time to move on, you walk along the cobblestone path.
You share a joke with a fellow traveller; you both enjoy a good laugh.
Suddenly the songs of the birds above interrupt your thoughts.
They are singing your special song.
This day, this moment in time you know you can do no wrong.
You watch them fly into the distance, where the earth meets the sky.
You watch them fly away, you give thanks to God and gently say Goodbye.
Your walk in Godís garden is now almost at a close.
The Gardener hands you a rose.
Then in an instant you wake up, it is daybreak.
You have memories of sitting beside a gentle lake.
Suddenly you find rose petals on your pillow.
God in fact did give you a rose.
What will you do with that rose?
© Andrew Pell 19/08/06

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