Anthony James After All...
Poetry By Anthony James
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After All...
Poetry By Anthony James

There you are, beautiful
all in your head, devoid of your heart
you don't care immersed in the power of it all
and it's me you call, come here you say with your eyes
your eyes and my eyes and I'm the only one who cries
until I learn the thing of it and I will no matter how long it will take
it will be me who uses you in the end and in the end I will be the better of the two

So you stand close to me your perfume is delightful as usual
your hair beautiful as your face, eyes and lips and I ask why to God
How can you have made her so beautiful and to think I have to work with her
This is beyond unfair it is beyond unclear and it is clearly beyond all fear that I possess
So I reach out with every ounce of doubt I become more than confident and my hand pulls her in
her back bends, her chest thrusts and just like that she is my clutches and I have her now closely
I hold her firm and she doesn't try to escape instead we look into each other eyes and talk silently

This is over soon but not before our lips kiss and our hearts pound and soon we both feel a rush
what is this certain hope of things to come so blissful and passionate and euphoric and beautiful
what is this thing we started together in the worst of conditions knowing full well it could not last
what is it that makes us attach and why do we attract such things as emotions and feelings mostly

you knew and I did too that tears would fill the cups of our hands many times and still we chanced
romanced and danced and filled the room with perfume and diamonds and curious thoughts too
so perfect it called upon the imperfect nature of man to bring out the fact that we must end this all
crying eyes so beautiful, all in your heart devoid of ego you cry as the girl you are, loving, fragile
you care emersed in the love of it all, but it won't be me you call after all ..
of this.

June 27, 2010. Anthony James , All rights reserved

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