Andrew PellA Garden of Love
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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A Garden of Love
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Do you ever walk into a garden and feel the warmth of the flowers.
They radiate such light and love; it is part of the divine power.
Each blossom welcoming you with unconditional love;
That filters down from high above.
The many varieties of plants and shrubs reach out to you.
Their colours and splendour make all things new.
There is a birdbath where the birds serenade passers by.
Their songs of love touch us and make us cry.
The fish in the fishpond welcomes us by their aquatic skills.
The birds flying overhead display their acrobatic skills.
The trees and branches provide us with much needed shade.
The smaller creatures beacon us to come out to play.
Spend a few hours in this garden of love.
Be inspired, be tall, and soar like a highflying dove.

Andrew Pell 05/03/08

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