Andrew PellA Magical Day, A Fun Day
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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A Magical Day, A Fun Day
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

We are all caught up in the busyness of life.
Sometimes it is like rowing up a river without a paddle.
We make decisions that can cause grief and strife.
It is time to stop and go to a place that is magical.
In your mindís eye is a place that is special to you.
Imagine a world with all sorts of exotic flowers.
A place you can wander and feel great renewal.
The flowers will give back your lost power.
Remember your childhood with carefree days.
Each day was an adventure, a place to dream.
Imagine a garden where invisible friends come to play.
Nothing is quite what it seems.
Heroes past and present join with you to have fun.
This is a place where time does not exist.
We play many games till day is done.
We visualize a castle, a river surrounded by mist.
We walk through the mist till we come to a magical cave.
We enter in and observe all the exotic treasures.
We are no longer timid but very brave.
We enjoy many hours of playtime leisure.
We know we must return to our present time.
But this magical day will remain in our mind.
This day will always be sublime.
Through imagination unlock your bind.
Take a holiday from the present to have fun.
Let the divine speak to you in childlike ways.
We journey back with excitement and run.
Listen to the divine as you learn how to play.

© Andrew Pell 17/09/09

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