Belinda van Rensburg Angel Child
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Angel Child

They say you're special; different; strange;
that you're unable to understand -
God's glory, power, love and might,
and that He holds you in His Hand.

Is this true, my little one?
Can you not know God's only Son?
Does He not live in your world too
when you do what it is you do?

You also cry, laugh, play and run
under God's moon and stars and sun.
Living in your strange strange place
Your real self hidden from your face.

Yes, He loves you, angel child -
He loves you when you're mild or wild.
He doesn't care just what you do,
For He will not stop loving you.

The truth that you may never see,
Is that He died for you and me -
But you are special, pure and true
And He will always be with you.

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