Anthony James Angel Summoned
Poetry By Anthony James
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Angel Summoned
Poetry By Anthony James

Here is a young Soul-
In a danger zone-
This will lead him astray-
He will perish this way-
He is good, hurt and alone-

I summon you,
One Angel to his home-

Oh Warrior's of old-
My Angel's know-
The depth of the Soul
The paths back Home-


And I began to write a book-
A book of the dark-
When an Angel did come with a Light In his heart-
But I turned off all the lights-
Kept the dark in my life-

He turned on his light again-
And I turned off the light again-
Many years of this transpired-
With his love for me, my hate grew tired-

Such a slow dim light-
Persisted through time-
Growing brighter each day-
In the slightest of ways-

Patience and perseverance
Love and kindness-
My heart turning slow from the dark-
by this light in his heart-

That he was willing to shine
Slowly over time- and his Love won me over,
In the end.

That Love, That Light- was Jesus Christ.
November 7, 2010. Anthony James , All rights reserved

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