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God sits Ö God sits Ö
in front of the department store
at Roosevelt and Main.

He plays accordion;
And when he tires of the tune
he sleeps awhile.

Godís skin is brown.
His eyes are blind.

If you are smart,
Youíll put some money in Godís cup.
I never did, until one night somebody said,
look, that man is always there Ö.
he really must need money bad.

Iíd never thought of that.
I thought God sat and guarded us;
That holding out the little cup
was only part of his disguise.

But since my friend is better at
reality, than I have ever been,
I tried to understand that, here,
Upon the earth, God must be fed.

Now, whenever I go walking past,
I put some money in Godís cup.
He smiles and blesses me.

And once God played a song for me,
It was a night when I was sad, beyond
the pain I can endure.
And on that night, I asked him, please,
to play a tender song for me.

God played a gospel song for me,
It told of words beyond our own,
And as I walked on down the street
it followed me. And for that night
I could endure.

Now whenever I feel really bad
I walk past God.
He sits there nodding in the sun;
Brown and blind and full of peace.

He sings of things beyond my ken;
And through the sounds of taxicabs
and subway trains, interfere,
I understand: God sits Ö

God sits Ö
in front of the department store
at Roosevelt and Main.

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