Anne S. Moore A Prayer
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Spiritual and Inspirational poetry that touch the heart and soul, and provoke the mind.

A Prayer

Heavenly Father,
May I be childlike
before You,
not pulling away,
lifting my hand
to Yours
to be led down
unknown paths.

I do not fear.
You see—You know
where I am today
and where I will be
You are El-Roi,
God All Knowing.

You are Jehovah-Rohi,
my Shepherd,
and I
a helpless lamb.
You gently carry me
in your arms
and bring peace
to my soul
You are my

You are Elohim,
my Creator.
You molded me and
gave me breath.
You will bring
in your way,
in your time.
You are my

You will supply
my smallest need
and biggest.
I see the sparrow,
the field flowers.
Why should I worry?
You are my

I am not alone, for
You are with me.
You are here.
You are
You will never never
leave me.

© Anne S. Moore, 2001

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