By Lynne Goldsmith

An Animal Rights Poem from All-Creatures.org

By Lynne Goldsmith

Increased lines convey
animals to death by blade
means more mouths to feed
humans worldwide

inside plant where creatures are bred
140 birds slaughtered per minute on site

some hurled, punched, thrown down,
shackled to drown in electric stunning baths
malfunctioning to slowed pains,
with more birds thrown into scalding tanks
or bleeding out after short life
burned from standing
and eating in their own waste
with legs collapsing, heavy,
genetically altered their bodies.

Nothing humane.
Slaughterhouse gains. 

My forthcoming poetry book, Secondary Cicatrices, won the Halcyon Poetry Contest and will be published by Middle Creek Publishing.  I have been a semi-finalist in The Nation magazine for the Discovery Poetry Contest and my poetry has been published in Spillway, Red Owl Magazine, Soul Fountain, Geronimo, Manzanita, Squaw Review, Parody Poetry Journal, Thimble Literary Magazine, among others.

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