A Discomforting Rainbow
By Kimberly Faye Dooley
An Animal Rights Poem from All-Creatures.org

A Discomforting Rainbow
By Kimberly Faye Dooley

How could such a powerful word as ďjusticeĒ be misused?

It must be over-looked with all the torture and abuse.

The species doesnít matter, whether mouse, a dog, or man.

Itís time to face that at this rate itís getting out of hand.

A slaughterhouse is not a house at all and all shall know

About the cramped and terrified beings lined up head to toe.

When you hear the screaming of your friends, thatís quite enough.

Until the silence comes and then you dread it might get rough.

You know that it is terror when you think youíd rather die,

Than have them miss the spot that knocks you out and hear you cry.

Which is worse, however, being first or being last?

Alive, but hearing torture, or be grabbed and tortured fast?

Red is for the smell of all the blood that splashes ground.

White is for the fear when every time they hear a sound.

Black is for the darkness in the hearts of all those men.

And brown is for the filth in which deserves to be their pen.

Blue is for the bruise in which the world has been embed.

However, colors can contrast the things that were just said.

Gold is now the line they stand in to walk through the gates,

Instead of lines of horror just to walk into their fates.

Green is for the grass and room in which they have to feed.

Pink is for the calves they raise now that thereís room to breed.

This leaves me now to realize that God has made this way.

Thatís why heís made both me and you so willing just to say.

All we want the world to do is think with just their hearts.

To have some more compassion and a heaven we will start.

This is a poem that I really didn't mean to write the day I stopped eating meat in 2005; the day that I found out for the first time how animals are treated (or mis-treated) on their way to being murdered for human consumption. I'd not yet done any research on the issue, yet even now, three years later, I see how very accurate the vision placed in my head was. PLEASE GO VEGAN!

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