Blue-bird sings the Blues
By NoŽl Sweeney
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Blue-bird sings the Blues
By NoŽl Sweeney

She flew through the unchained sky-blue countryside
Sparkling eyes and freedomís song spiralling and soaring wide
Twists and turns as natureís acrobat on a wild glide wing
Her timeless tune is proof the blue-bird was born to sing

A single shot from the one with a sawn-off soul
A single shot burst out to end her timed lifeís toll
A single shot in spring split her pain-filled sighs
Blasted the last blue-bird from the blood-spilled skies

On her wing lies the bleeding shotgun bruise
In her eyes lies the stark dark spark of her muse
At once her shattered heart proves who to accuse
Denied her silvery voice leaves her no choice
Silently the dead-eyed blue-bird sings the Blues


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Blue-bird sings the Blues

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