By Julie Dickinson
An Animal Rights Poem from All-Creatures.org

By Julie Dickinson

I feel small
I beg for ‘blue’
Praying for that word to be announced, pronounced as
I grip the bedclothes
Eyes scanning social media
The clock ticking
Counting down
Breath held
Heart aching

I am with them, bodies sensitive, minds afire with emotion,
Ocean rushing
Racing away, against the banger boats
The presence,
The fishermen
I do not

I turn from them
I pray only for blue

And the Guardians report reality
While I lie in a warm bed
Frozen solid
And squeeze my eyelids, as my head burns
And pain ripples across my temples

I need a miracle
Let me cast open the sky,
Throw down a net of safety and scoop
Bottlenose, risso, white sided, pan tropical…
And all

Make it stop
Take them away
To a safe and peaceful place
Silent, the sound no longer driving them into a red future
Of spikes and tarpaulins
Of dolphin captivity and showmanship

Please, let me have blue tonight, tomorrow and the
Endless days to follow…
Let it always be blue.

Poetry and image © Julie Dickinson

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