Julie DickinsonDeny me
Animal Rights Poetry By Julie Dickinson From All-Creatures.org

Poems of compassion dedicated to the non-human animals who share this planet with us and the people who fight for them.

Deny me
By Julie Dickinson

In denial, you can eat
meat, skin, parts, materials of
an individual.

Run rampant with
cognitive dissonance.

You yell – ‘Do not upset me.
my festive treats of
and waste.’

You screech – ‘Never implore me
to do your ways.
You judgemental

You will not look.
You deny me.

You will not acknowledge
animal tears in eyes.
Heart-thrum of fear.
Sweat of flank.
Wail and screech of pain.

You will not...
Will-not wake up.

I was you.
Of humane slaughter ideology.
Of convenient delirium.
Of happy horror show.

I awoke.
Visceral, raw,
an end of denial,
of incongruent reality.

I wait
for you
to simply look.

Do not deny me.
Do not deny – them. 

beautiful Cow
Art by Julie Dickinson

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