My Forever Friend
By NoŽl Sweeney
An Animal Rights Poem from

My Forever Friend
By NoŽl Sweeney

Though youíre gone from me never to return
The ashes of my heart burns and burns
Something you said with a look is the best lesson I learned
We have no time to lose or lie
In living and loving before we die
Itís hard to know some things are meant to be
It was me for you and you for me
So Iím still mesmerised by your gypsy mystery
Though you tried so hard to explain
We two will never pass this way again
When the road was rough
When the times were tough
When I never had enough
You were everything and more to me
Since your demise thereís no time for dry eyes
How it was and is and always will be just you for me
Only one had the skeleton key to reach the riff of my raff
You with your untamed beauty and wild country cat laugh

To hide a while behind the sad sweet smile
Knowing sadness is always in style
You unlocked the secret of every unsung song
Holding each moment way too long
For now alone together we belong
We stood face to face to meet our last task
There was no reason for any mask
You were there at the start I was there at the end
My lodestar guide at every wend
My North Star and forever friend
Farewell my faithful feline friend
Last goodbyes under Somerset skies


NoŽl's book: An Animals' Charter

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