An Animal Rights Poem from

The Fuzzy Bee - a poem warning of their extinction
From Reality Checks With Staci-Lee Sherwood

Does the fuzzy bee know
As she drinks the sweet nectar
Mother Earth has provided
That she carries the weight of the world
On her delicate wings

Does she know without her kind
We humans would perish
Taking her and all others with us
Into the black hole of nothing
Without a thought for the fuzzy bee

Does she know she is the regal Queen
On which all others depend
As she carries the pollen of life
Upon her tiny legs
Without a care

We need the fuzzy bee
But she doesn’t need us
She would thrive if we were gone
Taking the poison we spray on her food
And leaving her alone

We need the fuzzy bee
To thrive and survive
To nurture and heal
This wounded land we call home
We should be kinder to the fuzzy bee

fuzzy bee

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