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A given name

Given a name,
a meaning,
an individuality.

Such clarity
changes fate,
keeps trotters from the plate.

Gives warmth
where once resided pain.
No more blood, down slaughterhouse drain.

‘Matilda’ the sow of media attention
in hog-heaven-sanctuary.
Peaceful piglets, beautiful new memory.

No one deserves it more.

But how my thoughts linger
on countless nameless others,
who did not reach our attention, who suffer.

With no given name,
their eyes plea, gazing out, resolute.
With no stay of execution, human crafted brutal truth.

For them,
I will speak,
scream and screech.

I will fight to alleviate each one,
and stake a claim
for every creaturely soul, unnamed. 

Matilda and Piglets
Image from Viral Petition Sees Pig Who Escaped Farm To Birth 10 Piglets Re-Homed In Animal Sanctuary

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