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The plight of the frog By Dennis Renner
2012 SAVE THE FROGS! Poetry Contest

The plight of the frog,
And its cousin the toad,
Are on a dangerous path,
Or the end of the road.

The lakes and the streams,
They love to call home.
Are now too polluted,
And covered with foam.

Unfortunately our greed gets in the way.
Herbicides, pesticides, darken the day.
Frogs and toads are the ones who pay.

Human kind may be joining,
The frogs distress.
The toads mourning,
From this pollution mess.

But maybe itís not too late,
To save frogs this horrible fate.
Clean up the water, air, and land,
Perhaps the toad will make a stand.

Better off we all will be,
When frogs and toads are healthy.
So do what you can,
And lend a hand
To clean the water, air and land.

save the frogs

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