Heidi StephensonRATting on the LaboRATory
Animal Rights Poetry By Heidi Stephenson From All-Creatures.org

Poems of compassion dedicated to the non-human animals who share this planet with us and the people who fight for them.

RATting on the LaboRATory
By Heidi Stephenson

Donít satuRATe, dehydRATe, rehydRATe and frustRATe!

Donít refridgeRATe, respiRATe, then obliteRATe, incineRATe!

Donít sepaRATe, castRATe, penetRATe and ulceRATe!

Donít perfoRATe, (prostRATe,) serRATe, then remonstRATe!

Donít denigRATe, underRATe, exaspeRATe or desecRATe!

Donít perpetRATe! (Or orchestRATe!) Donít laceRATe the despeRATe!

Your Ďtests,í your exploRATive aberRATions - are inaccuRATe!

RecalibRATe! ConcentRATe now on a new narRATive

of fRATernal adoRATion, admiRATion.

VeneRATe! DemocRATize! RATionalize! And libeRATe!

Help all survivors to recupeRATe! CollaboRATe, to make repaRATion!

CommemoRATe the lost geneRATions, the geneRATions lostÖ

InaugRATe gRATitude (to all your tortured, murdered victims.)

DelibeRATe on what you have done!

Make a declaRATion! Call a MoRATorium

Ö on the harming of all your fellow beings. RATify it! AbjuRATe.

CommiseRATe.  IntergRATe! IncorpoRATe! RegenRATe

those cruel, irRATional ideas. CerebRATe! AmelioRATe!

CoopeRATe on compaRATive, (non-living, non-suffering,) models.

Donít exoneRATe the corpoRATe biopiRATes

for whom killing is a lucrative stRATegy! VocifeRATe!

Donít toleRATe the wRAThful aristrocRAT, theocRAT,

who regard rats as gRATis ďspecimens,Ē scRATchy ďsubstRATaĒ

(the RATsbane who RATtle the compassionate RATepayer.)


©Heidi Stephenson, July 2020

white Rat
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