Save the Tiger
By Rahul Atrishi
An Animal Rights Poem from

All of God's creatures have rights, a fact that most people don't seem to recognize. This includes both human and non-human animals, but not all of them can speak for themselves.

Save the Tiger
By Rahul Atrishi

I was lucky to be born wild
I was lucky to have Mother Nature by my side.
My parents were strong for everyone feared of them,
The sky was my world and the jungle my den.
I was proud to be one of them, for we had a mighty race.
‘Coz we got to roam around in sun and moon, at our own pace.
I had a bunch of friends and a few cousins, in here
And I sneaked out with them by the silent sleepy river.
Then one day the rules of the game changed.
A few us were nowhere to be found
A lot more died and gloom was to surround
Perplexed I was, and I was full of rage.
And then THEY came and told us it was not anymore safe,
That we would die soon and vanish will our race.
THEY promised us they won’t let anyone steal us of our lives.
For THEY would cut down trees and etch out safer boundaries.
Afraid I was for I saw my world turn upside down,
My close ones were nowhere to be found,
I had nothing but to trust in THEIR words,
At least I had ma and pa by my side, if not all my peers.
And then I get up today,
It doesn’t seem to be a just another day,
My ma and pa are not around,
I search and call for them in jungle far and beyond,
Where has my ma gone?
Where has my pa gone?
What have I done wrong?
Where have my ma and pa gone?
And then I hear sounds and I tremble with fear,
I find THEM coming near,
THEY pick me up and promise me safety
Only to hear at far, “Tiger bones are medicinal for they keep you hale and hearty”.
If someone can hear my cries,
If someone can wash away my tears,
Then let THEM know that THEY are terribly mistaken,
Stealing life from someone won’t make THEM breath again!

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