Heidi StephensonThe Tillamook Monster
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Poems of compassion dedicated to the non-human animals who share this planet with us and the people who fight for them.

The Tillamook Monster
By Heidi Stephenson

A hunter
from Oregon
(at 66, past
his own prime,
and so envious
of the power,
of another,)
a magnificent
bull elk,
(nine feet tall,
with his nasty,
little bow
and arrow,
(to inflict
maximum pain,
and slow,
slow death,
on his better,
his perceived

to track down
his fatally
wounded victim
in the dark,
(a father
of young ones,
a protector
of doting cows,
a forest-edge feeder
of grasses, plants,
leaves and bark,)
he plans
to return
the next morning
for an unholy Sunday
with the landowner,
in the hope
of dispatching
this brave heart

He finds
the panting,
wounded bull,
at 9.15am -
a broken arrow
still in his neck,
the splintered shards
cutting, severing
like glass.

In a rare
of Natural
the dying elk
sees him,
and rises
to his feet again;
he charges
at Mark David,
goring him
in the neck,
a mirror wound,
with his

the landowner’s attempt
to help the hunter
(not the elk notably,)
the killer dies,
“fatal injuries.”

Mark David
pierced the neck
of a bull elk.
The bull elk
gored the neck
of Mark David.

Oregon State Police
(learning nothing)
kill the dying bull,
cutting up, hacking at
his perfect body,
to feed to the prisoners
at Tillamook
County Jail.

Their petty revenge,
following their

dead Elk
A hunter was killed by a bull elk who he had shot with an arrow the day before - image from Oregon State Police via UK.News.Yahoo.com

©Heidi Stephenson, September 2020

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