Heidi StephensonTURKEY (“Tis’ the season to be sorry…”)
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TURKEY (“Tis’ the season to be sorry…”)
By Heidi Stephenson

“The best present a turkey can have at Christmas is the gift of life…”
(from a Hillside Animal Sanctuary Christmas card)

The tender-hearted, trussed
Upside down and terrified
Run free, my brother, my sister!
Killed for a day of Godless gorging
Endlessly persecuted (Evil by any other name)
You will be liberated, one day, poor friend…

In 2020 at least 15.9 million turkeys were slaughtered in the UK. In the US annual slaughter figures are in excess of 87 million turkey lives: 22 million for ‘Christmas,’ 46 million for ‘Thanksgiving’ and another 19 million for ‘Easter’ [How many turkeys are produced each year?] https://www.sidmartinbio.org/how-many-turkeys-are-produced-each-year/.

And this is the horrific reality behind our cracker-pulling roasts [22 Facts That Will Make You Pass on Turkey This Year]

©Heidi Stephenson, December 2021

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