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The Evil of VSD and Animals Being Literally Cooked Alive!

By Heidi Stephenson

I sent this to my MP April 21, 2022. I'm still reeling from the evil of those 'experiments' and VSD [ventilation shutdown] in general...Thank you so much for making this more widely known. (I've removed his name to avoid libel.)

"Dear X,

As my MP, I urge that you please (and personally please) read this vital article which was published a couple of weeks ago in The Guardian.

‘They’re cooking them alive’: calls to ban ‘cruel’ killing methods on US farms

‘They’re cooking them alive’: calls to ban ‘cruel’ killing methods on US...Use of heat, steam and suffocating foam to slaughter sick animals is condemned as bird flu epidemic threatens po...

We cannot have this evil happen over here! No matter what!

And we cannot collude with it in any way either, and that includes commercially, in the buying of US 'meat' imports. It is nothing short of sadistic, conscience-less evil, and we thankfully have an Animal Welfare Act here. It cannot be compromised.

It is bad enough that our fellow beings are mass murdered at all for a momentary satisfaction of warped, human appetite, and that they live in the hellish conditions that they do their entire lives (in the case of all factory-farmed animals,) but this is Satanic in its utter disregard for suffering, sentient fellow life.

These are sensitive beings, sapient beings (for anyone with an eye to see, for anyone who has ever taken the time to relate,) who suffer absolutely no less than we would do in the same circumstances! They are not inanimate 'stock.' They are not unaware.

Nothing justifies this. And that includes the so-called 'culling' of animals when diseases break out - (which they are bound to do because of the terrible, terrible conditions in which we force them all to live, and which would weaken any poor animal's immunity.)

It is high time that the 'farming' of our fellow beings ended and that the government took immediate and committed steps to transition all animal 'farmers' towards arable growing (with wildlife protections in place simultaneously). Everything demands this now - our morality, the global climate emergency, the growing desire of humans for a plant-based diet, the surge in veganism, and the ethical treatment of our fellow beings.

Please do not dismiss this. A great many feel the same.

Heidi Stephenson"

©Heidi Stephenson, 2022

farmed Chickens
Use of heat, steam and suffocating foam to slaughter possibly infected animals is condemned as bird flu epidemic threatens poultry stocks. Image by Joel Day/Alamy.

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