Julie DickinsonWhere have all the humans gone?
Animal Rights Poetry By Julie Dickinson From All-Creatures.org

Poems of compassion dedicated to the non-human animals who share this planet with us and the people who fight for them.

Where have all the humans gone?
By Julie Dickinson

A cacophony of
becomes soft.

You resonate,
the silence of
breathy moment.

Where have all the humans gone?

The green-fielded shadows
cradle nature,
as bleats, whinny’s, moos and groans
ripple across dewy slopes.

It lasts for months.
Rolling the days further into
protected peace.

As non-human animal hearts, beat,
and birds cry louder
than ever before.
There will never be another time like this.

Where have all the humans gone?

The moment shifts
and the silent human stirs.
Coining banner of wants and needs.
Threatening to come out to play.

I shudder.
Shuffle away,
the bitterness rippling.
It gets me nowhere.

Let the humans be gone.

Are we minutely changed?
With some renewed love
and care of world,
and sentient bodied.

Smoothing out the landscape,
like the hair of an infant,
the mane, the fur, the scale, the skin.
All precious.

I hope
in breathless
moment, observing
the green-fields.

Let the humans be gone.

I watch. I pray
that the
discordant ‘human’
has vanished.

I wait,
in anticipation,
of change.
For a new - Human.

Let the old human be gone.

Photo © Julie Dickinson

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