Tim GorskiPoetry and Art By Tim Gorski from All-Creatures.org

A Whimsical Wonder in the Dark of Night!

In a world of flickering lights so bright,
There's a bug that shines in the darkest night,
Fireflies they're called, a magical sight,
Let me share their tale with all my might!

Fact one, my friend, they glow so grand,
With bioluminescence, it's downright grand,
Their tiny bodies produce light, you see,
A glowing spectacle for you and me!

Now let's talk love, their dating game,
Fireflies flash, it's never the same,
Each species has its own unique flair,
Lighting up the night with love in the air!

Chemical wizards, these bugs can be,
Creating light with such efficiency,
Luciferin and oxygen unite,
To shine so bright, it's a dazzling sight!

But beware, predators, take heed,
Some fireflies have a toxic deed,
Their larvae hold a venomous brew,
Bright colors warn, "Stay away, it's true!"

Around the globe, fireflies dance,
In Asia, Europe, and the Americas, perchance,
They find their homes in diverse terrain,
From forests deep to gardens plain.

And now, behold, a wondrous scene,
Synchronous fireflies, a mesmerizing dream,
In Southeast Asia and America's lands,
Thousands flash together, like tiny bands.

So let's celebrate these little bugs,
With their glowing lights and magical hugs,
Fireflies, oh fireflies, you bring such delight,
A whimsical wonder in the dark of night!

So when you spy a firefly's shimmering gleam,
Remember their tale and let your heart beam,
For in nature's theater, they steal the show,
Shining bright, wherever they go!


Tim Gorski 2023


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