Julie DickinsonYou were never mine to own
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Poems of compassion dedicated to the non-human animals who share this planet with us and the people who fight for them.

You were never mine to own
By Julie Dickinson

I lost you, eyes glazed, age taking its final toll.
Peaceful days, happy life, as you passed from this world.

But I realise you were never mine to own.

You shared your space,
and I shared mine, with you.

I tried to comprehend
what might, that deep gaze mean?

From dark eyes of contemplation,
twitch of grey ears and cotton white tail.

The silent leaning against my foot.
Your heat, your heartbeat.

Nibbles and licks,
hops and occasional leaps.

Thumps at midnight.
Circles raced around me at dawn.

Of the human and non-human animal connection
And the pulse of life we both shared.

I lost you but found something instinctive.

You were never mine to own.

With a hope of atonement,
adjustment, and how to live better.

You left me, wiser
and with a realisation we are the same.

And now I dream of bare feet on green fields
and deep belied laughter.

Of scented salt rich shores
And resolute motherly mountains.

As sparkling rivers rush, life teaming,
and I see hope on the horizon.

I lost you and found myself. 

Mr. Nibbles Rabbit
Mr. Nibbles

Northumberland UK

This is a poem about our rescue-rabbit (Mr Nibbles) who died a couple of years ago. He was the most incredible, endearing and sweet character. Gazing into those eyes, it was impossible not to see my own self reflected back in some way. Of what we both shared on this planet. The need for our earthly connection, of desired safety, peace, comfort, compassion and value as a creature with a right to live.

The images show Nibbles enjoying his outdoor garden pen and the view from his burial spot. A beautiful and remote place in Northumberland.

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