Andrew PellI am the Architect of my life
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I am the Architect of my life
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

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We map out our life when we were young.
We study and plan what we want to do.
Keep to the Course and do not deviate from the plan.
Imagine an invisible force guiding you and taking you by the hand.
What we decide to do when we were young affects our life in the future.
The very idea and concept of our life we need to cherish and hold tight,
Care and passionately nurture.
Planning and building your life dream is the Key to stability and success.
Please do not accept anything less.
There may be setbacks but remain focused and positive.
Do not engage with anyone who may be negative.
For those who share a similar vision be helpful and receptive.
Be the Architect that will control and plan.
Invite God to walk with you hand in hand.

Andrew Pell 14/02/2021

architectural drawing

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