Anthony James Armageddon
Poetry By Anthony James
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Poetry By Anthony James

Cometh Ye, then?
Nigh, O Mighty Warrior?
Cometh Thee
And Them

Waketh me?
O Mighty Warrior
Cometh for me
With Them

Free me then
Of these
Bars of flesh
Holding me captive

Prisons of men
No diamond, then
To cut through them

Bars of Flesh
O God!
Ye, show me!

Eve my own family?
Did Ye build for me?
Of earth and gravity..

To Hold me
O 'God
This Ground Ye have made for me

Two feet on the Ground
Carry me!
To and fro
I did go...

O Warden, I write to thee
Let free of me
From this prison...

Break free of me!
All flesh all over me
Around me
Upon me...

I wait by the Gate
And call my Horse to me
I have served my Time

O Warrior..
Ye come for me!
And Armor me!

O Fierce Army..
Of Thee

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