Andrew PellA Rosebush in Blossom
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A Rosebush in Blossom
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

How majestic and aromatic is a rosebush in blossom?
Even the hardest hearts are forced to soften.
Encapsulating a divine presence in a solitary bloom.
Breathing out its exotic perfume.
The physical and spiritual are molded in one.
Even on a troubled day we can feel the warmth of the sun.
Do not pass by a rosebush without a momentary pause.
Does not this wondrous creation feel you with such awe?
There is such beauty in a single rosebud.
Divinely crafted and sculpted.
A single rose can transcend all earthly sorrows.
But remember only God can fashion a rose.

Andrew Pell 18/08/12

A Rosebush in Blossom

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