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Poetry by Mary T. Hoffman
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Back to God
Poetry by Mary T. Hoffman

The end of April nears
And daffodils are blooming
Among dead leaves and brown.
Each wears its golden gown
A joyful hint of more to come:
Lily, primrose, chrysanthemum
All praise the Lord our God,
Maker of heaven and earth.
Their presence alone seems to say:
Come back to Jesus and His Way,
Wake up before it is too late,
Repudiate your strife and hate.
If you love God, then show it now.
Love all His works: the calf and cow,
The pig, the chicken, and the mouse,
Creatures outside and in your house
All He created in peace and love
To one day dwell with Him above.
Now is the time to find the way
Back to God, and there to stay.
(Written 23 April 2007)


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