Walterrean Salley poetry imageBeauty of the Cosmos
By Walterrean Salley
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Beauty of the Cosmos
By Walterrean Salley

I cast my gaze upon the moon at nigh
(The heavenly stars are like birds in flight).
Ordained to shine in its orbit there -
It lends its light to the atmosphere
And brightens the skies in a fervent way,
As stars twinkle in fair display.
There are no clouds to hide the stars.
I can see Jupiter, and I can see Mars.
But Venus is the fairest of all;
Her brightness shines without a squall.
Poor Pluto is somewhere in the dark.
It bears no light—not even a spark.

Oh the tales the heavens could tell.
And that, the heart knows quite well.

© 2012 Walterrean Salley

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