Andrew PellThe beauty of Architecture
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The beauty of Architecture
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

We are all in awe of the beautiful structures that mankind can create.
Modern day buildings, Gothic Cathedrals, ancient pyramids included,
We look at the wonders of these buildings so tall and straight.
So beautifully crafted,
These beautiful buildings contain spirituality all on their own.
Look at the grandeur of the wondrous Temple of Solomon.
This was built by Man following Godís instructions to the letter.
How they constructed these buildings without computers is not really known.
Thousands of brick layers and Stone Masons all working together to create such magnificent structures.
Slaves and Freemen all with a common goal,
Built with much blood and mortar,
Today fewer men with sophisticated machinery and laptops,
Working day and night it never stops.
Next time you walk past a magnificent Cathedral, think of artistry and
The blood, sweat and tears that have made this beautiful structure.

(c) Andrew Pell 11/06(/2018


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